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Public Records Requests 

Requesting a Public Record

The Authority Clerk is the official custodian of all public records, except criminal justice records as defined by C.R.S. § 24-72-302, and will process all requests for public records pursuant to C.R.S. Section 24-72-203(1)(a) of the Public Records Act (the “Act”). A Public Records Request form must be filed with the Authority Clerk to initiate a request for public records.


The Authority Clerk will notify the applicant of the completion of process of a public records request, the availability of the public records, and the cost of service, including copying charges for any requested copies and research or other fees. Records subject to nondisclosure by law or under the Act will be withheld from inspection as provided by the Act. The Town has three working days to process requests, and in extenuating circumstances, up to seven working days to respond to open records requests.


The Authority's research and retrieval fee is $33.58 per hour commencing after the first hour of work. Fees for copies, printouts and photographs are in accordance with C.R.S § 24-72-205, pursuant to which the fee for a copy of a standard page is .25 cents per page and the actual cost or providing a copy in a format other than a standard page.

If the Official Custodian reasonably believes that fulfillment of any request may result in more than one hour of staff time to research, retrieve, segregate or prepare the records the Official Custodian shall require a monetary deposit before commencing work to research and retrieve or prepare the records. The Applicant will be required to pre-pay the estimated costs before the Town commences action to retrieve and make available the records. If the final amount is greater than the estimate, the Applicant shall pay the additional amount at the time the records are made available. If the final amount is less than the estimate, the amount of over-payment shall be refunded.