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St. Vrain Water Authority

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The Town of Firestone and the Little Thompson Water District formed the St. Vrain Water Authority in 2019.  

They are the founding Members and are the only planned customers of the Authority.  The purpose of the Authority is to own and operate the St Vrain Water Treatment Plant for the benefit of the Members.  The Authority is an independent government entity authorized under the statutes of the State of Colorado and is recognized by the State of Colorado.  

The authority owns no water rights nor a distribution system, only the treatment facilities.  The Members are responsible for delivering raw water to the plant and then to take treated water from the plant for introduction into their respective distribution systems.  The water treatment plant was designed and constructed by the Town of Firestone and after its completion, ownership will be transferred to the St Vrain Water Authority.  The construction of the water treatment plant is nearly completed and the plant is currently producing water.  The water plant is designed to be able to produce up to 1.5 MGD (million gallons per day).  However, the design of the plant anticipates future expansion to 5 MGD.

The water plant will be operated by Ramey Environmental Compliance.  Plant/Authority IT services are provided by CorKat.  Authority legal counsel is Tim Flynn with Collin Cole Flynn Winn & Ulmer.  Accounting and administrative services for the Authority are provided by the Town of Firestone.  The Authority currently has no employees.

The Board of Directors of the Authority meets monthly, currently the second Monday of each month.  Meetings start at 4:00 pm and are held at the Firestone Town Hall.  Based on each Members reserved capacity in the water plant, Firestone is entitled to appoint four of the directors and LTWD is entitled to appoint one.  Directors serve staggered 3-year terms, and are volunteer positions.